10 Tips To Host A Sex Toy Party

10 Tips To Host A Sex Toy Party

Hosting your own sex toy party doesn’t have to be difficult.

Note: This article originally featured on a site of mine that, sadly, no longer exists. While it’s primarily aimed at women, there’s no reason why you guys can’t take something away from this.

I’ve recently hosted a few sex toy parties for my girlfriends and I and one question I get asked a lot is how to go about organizing a sex toy party. To be honest the process is quite simple, but after hosting a few you learn some tricks to make the event go smoothly. I thought I’d share them here as hosting a sex toy party is a very satisfying feeling, not to mention the free sex toys you can get out of it!

The first thing to do is to obviously gauge interest from your girlfriends how many would actually be interested in attending. There’s no use having a party with nobody there. Having one to celebrate a bachelorette or birthday party is usually a good time as a lot more people will be eager to attend.

Once you’re sure you’ll have guests it’s time to get started with the planning!

Tip 1

As the host of a sex toy party you’re often entitled to some free toys from the company you’re hosting the party for. Don’t forget to ask before booking the party what you’re entitled to and shop around, some companies will offer a lot more benefits than others.

Tip 2

Work with your party’s consultant. They’ve usually done hundreds of parties before and know how to plan and host an exciting event. They’ll also usually have a set of guidelines you can follow to host a successful sex toy party. Be sure your consultant is working with you, some like to take full control and ignore your input, you’ll have a much better time if your consultant listens to what you want and lets you take a part in the planning.

Tip 3

You should have already got a general idea of how many people are likely to attend but it’s important still that you invite lots and lots of your friends. The general rule is that, no matter how many people you invite, only about 1/2 will reply to say they’re coming and then only about 1/2 of those will actually turn up to the party. So the more people you invite the better. As the host it’s your responsibility to follow up on these invitations and ensure as many people as possible are attending.

Tip 4

Of the people you’ve invited that aren’t attending there are likely to be some that would like to come but just can’t make it. Don’t leave these people out, be sure to send them to the website or give them a catalog to place orders. Do the same even for those that are attending. Many companies will offer extra incentives for orders placed before the party date.

Tip 5

Make sure everybody gets there on time! No matter what time you tell people the sex toy party’s starting there’s always a few people that arrive late. Combat this by telling everybody that the party starts 30-40 minutes earlier than it actually does. This gives people arriving a chance to relax and possibly have a drink before all the fun starts.

Tip 6

Make sure your guests know that this is a shopping party. The first sex toy party I hosted had about 50% of the people turn up without their credit cards, this is not good for you or your consultant. When buying sex toys privacy is a big issue for a lot of people so don’t forget to tell them that all ordering is confidential and discreet.

Tip 7

Don’t go too crazy on the drinks. Despite what you may have heard, drunken people do not spend more money and the ones that do often phone and cancel their order the next morning because they were too drunk to realize what they were buying. Drunken guests can also make for an uncomfortable atmosphere for other guests and your consultant. By all means, serve a few glasses of champagne throughout the party, but save the heavy drinking for afterwards.

Tip 8

As the host of the party you’ll be entitled to any number of free sex toys depending on how much your guests spend. Depending on what company you choose you may have a choice as to what you get, have a list of items you’d like ready before the party ends as there’s nothing worse for a consultant and your guests than having to hang around for another hour while you decide what you want.

Tip 9

Stay in your seat while the party is going on and wait for a break before getting up to serve drinks or snacks. If you get up in the middle and start wandering around then your guests will follow you. What they don’t see they don’t order and the less your guests spend, the less free stuff you get to order!

Tip 10

Remember to have fun too! Just because you’re the host doesn’t mean you have to spend the entire night rushing around and waiting on your guests. If your friends see you having fun then they’ll have fun too and guests enjoying themselves spend a lot more money which translates into free stuff for you…

I’ve gone with a couple of different companies for my parties, but my favorite was Babeland, they’re very professional and have a great selection of sex toys to choose from. In addition to the toy and shopping aspect they also have sex educators that do workshops on various topics including fellatio, g-spot stimulation, sex toys 101 and how to please your man!