Apparently Rachael Is Inspiring Sexuality…

Rachel McCoy Inspiring SexualityNow, I honestly don’t usually fall for this kind of shit – maybe it’s just that I’ve been up for days and can’t sleep and finding shit on the internet.

Usually these type of ‘relationship advice’ type sites are all the same – the same old answers to the same old boring questions – How Do I Give Him A Good Blowjob? How Can I Find Her G-Spot? How Do I Introduce Light Bondage? Is My Penis Normal? – give me a fucking break already. How old are you? And you have these issues?! Fuck off.

Surprisingly, I came across Rachel McCoy’s website. Now, I have absolutely no interest in paying $200+ for one of her sessions, but there’s some really good tips and advice in the blog section, the sex tips and sex advice sections.

I dunno if anybody will find anything useful, but I thought I’d give it a quick plug anyways, as it’s the first site of it’s kind that actually nearly lived up to it’s claims!

Here’s a few articles I particularly enjoyed: