California Exotics Super Strap Love Ties Review

California Exotics - Super Strap Love Ties

Let your imagination run wild with these soft, durable love ties

The California Exotics Super Strap Love Ties are lengths of thin tubing than can be used to tie up and restrain your partner in any way you can imagine.

They can be used as cuffs by tying them around your partner’s ankles and wrists, or as a leash by attaching them to a collar. The more adventurous could even try using them to hog tie their partner. The possibilities really are only limited by your imagination.

They come in a big and not-so-discreet box with an image of a woman on the front tied up in a number of different positions. There’s no instructions on the box, which is understandable because essentially they’re just lengths of rope, but it would be nice if there was some information or diagrams on how to safely tie up your partner with them.

In the box are 4 x 60cm ties which is a fair amount length-wise. When I first saw them I was surprised at how wide they were, the picture makes me think that they might be about the diameter of a pencil, but they’re quite a bit thicker. This is good in one respect because they won’t cut into your skin so much, but makes them more difficult to tie off.

They’re pretty stretchy, giving you a fair amount of movement when used as tethers, which could be seen as either a positive or negative thing. For me personally it’s a negative as I like my partner to be completely unable to move when restrained, for those new to bondage though it will likely make the experience a lot more comfortable.

The first few times you use them they feel pretty hard and tacky which makes them difficult to tie, but after a few uses they begin to smooth out and become easier to use.

Cleaning them is easy using soap and water with no worries about damaging them. I’d advise you to store them in the box, or at least some sort of container, as they do have a tendancy to pick up lint and dust.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well these actually performed. I had expected them to be pretty flimsy and easy to break. While they are stretchier than I would have liked, this is easily solved by wrapping them around a few times or doubling them up.

I probably won’t be using the Super Strap Love Ties on a regular basis, preferring something more sturdy and strong, but if you’re new to bondage and don’t like the idea of complete restraint then they’ll be ideal.

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