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    After registering for an account, all Altgasm members are entitled to start earning points for their activity on the site.

    Points accumulated can be spent in the Altgasm Store, used to access to restricted areas of the site, traded with other members, or sold back to Altgasm at the current exchange rate. Your total lifetime points are also used to calculate your user ranking, which is displayed in various places across the site.

    Action Points Limit
    Registering a new account 25.00 Once
    Visit to site 5.00 1 per day
    Login to site 5.00 1 per day
    Viewing updates 1.00 5 per day
    Action Points Limit
    Viewing forums 1.00 5 per day
    Viewing topics 1.00 5 per day
    Viewing replies 1.00 5 per day
    Starting a new topic 5.00 5 per day
    Deleting a topic -10.00 5 per day
    Favoriting a topic 1.00 10 per day
    Reply to a topic 5.00 10 per day
    Deleting a reply to a topic -10.00 10 per day
    Action Points Limit
    Approved comment 2.00 10 per day
    SPAM comment -5.00 10 per day
    Action Points Limit
    Subscribe to site updates 5.00 Once
    Comment subscriptions 0.05 Unlimited
    Action Points Limit
    Product review 1.00 1 per day
    Action Points Limit
    New status update 1.00 10 per day
    Delete status update -1.00 Unlimited
    New avatar (profile picture) 5.00 1 per month
    New friendship 1.00 Unlimited
    Deleting friendship -1.00 Unlimied
    Commenting on users updates 2.00 10 per day
    Deleting a comment on users update -2.00 Unlimited
    New private message 1.00 5 per day
    Sending a gift 5.00 1 per day
    Action Points Limit
    Creating a new group 10.00 Group requires 5 members before points are awarded
    Deleting a group -20.00 Unlimited
    New group avatar 5.00 Once per month
    Joining a group 5.00 5 per day
    Leaving a group -5.00 Unlimited
    Starting a group forum topic 5.00 5 per day
    Deleting a group forum topic -10.00 Unlimited
    New group forum post 5.00 5 per day
    New group comment 1.00 5 per day
    Action Points Limit
    Referring a friend (using the referral link found on your profile page) 10.00 No limit

    Note: Altgasm reserves the right to change these values at any time without notice.



    • This topic was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by  Shakey.
    • This topic was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by  Shakey.

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