Doc Johnson Stimulator Sleeves Review

Doc Johnson Super Stretch Stimulator Sleeves

More pleasure than she ever dreamed of.

The 7 pack of Doc Johnson Stimulator Sleeves was the perfect product for my first time trying penis sleeves. I was wary about trying them as I’ve heard mixed reviews, but of the 7 in the pack there’s not one that my girlfriend and I dislike!

They’re pretty simple to use, just choose which one you’d like to use, slip it on, and get down to business.

They come in a simple card box with a plastic window displaying the different sleeves inside. The plastic try that they’re in is ideal for storage.

They’re made of, what the box describes as, “Jel”. That’s all the info on the box, but after a little bit of research I’ve discovered that this “Jel” is actually most likely to be TPR silicone, which means they’re not suitable for use with silicone based lubricants, a warning which doesn’t appear on the packaging at all.

Each of the 7 penis sleeves features a different texture:

  • Big Bumps
  • Small Bumps
  • Pyramids
  • Ribbed
  • Short Spikes
  • Long Spikes
  • Bumps and Spikes

When I first looked at the size of them I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to fit into them, but with a little lubricant they were very easy to put on and a lot more comfortable that I’d expected.

As the male wearing these they all feel pretty similar. In fact I’ll be honest, they all feel exactly the same. The real difference was with my girlfriend – She absolutely loved every single one of them, her favorite being the ribbed one.

Cleaning after use is very simple with soap and water. Storage is made easier by the tray that they come in and they’re pretty discreet, unrecognizable to anybody that doesn’t already know what they are.

The Doc Johnson Stimulator Sleeves are a great way of spicing things up with your partner. While they won’t do much for you, the effect that they can have on her is amazing and one that needs to be seen to be believed. With the variety of 7 different textures to choose from, you won’t be getting bored of these any time soon.

Available from: ($28.09)