Doc Johnson Tube Love Glove Masturbator Review

Doc Johnson Tube Love Glove Review

Tight and realistic, and at a reasonable price.

My girlfriend is a long time fan of Doc Johnson’s sex toys, so when I got the opportunity to review the Doc Johnson Tube Love Glove I jumped at the chance.

The Tube Love Glove is a pretty standard male masturbator with one difference, it’s ribbed! Designed to give a more realistic experience than using your hand alone, the Love Glove excels in just about every area.

Like many masturbation sleeves, it’s made UR3, a synthetic material intended to imitate the feeling of real flesh. It’s soft, squishy and very stretchy meaning it’s able to accommodate guys of all sizes. The material holds it’s shape well, even when stretched as far as possible it returns to it’s original size and shape with no noticeable distortion or damage to the material.

The Tube Love Glove should be long enough for most guys at 6″ and, being made of stretchy UR3, expands to fit any girth whilst still feeling nice and tight. The opening could be slightly larger, but once you’ve entered it there’s no effort needed to thrust in and out.

The inside of the Love Glove is ribbed along the entire length, providing a very stimulating sensation ideal for beginners or more experienced male sex toy users alike.

Because UR3 can be very porous it’s a bit of a pain to clean, however this is one of the easier to clean UR3 male sex toys I’ve used. Turn it inside out and submerge it in warm soapy water then leave it to dry naturally. Dust it with corn starch before storage to help keep the material feeling soft and fresh. Because UR3 is prone to picking up dust and lint it’s also advisable to give it a quick wash before each use.

Water-based lube should be used with the Love Glove as, being silicone-based, UR3 can react badly to silicone based lubricants.

The packaging is pretty standard, as with most male sex toys, it’s inside a clear plastic clamshell. Inside there were no instructions included, but it’s pretty obvious how this toy should be used.

The Doc Johnson Tube Love Glove is a very satisfying toy to use. It does become very slippery when lubed up, so be sure not to get any lube on the outside of the toy or you won’t be able to get a strong enough grip to use it properly. The ribbed interior feels nice as you slide in and out, bringing you to a satisfying orgasm. For such a reasonably priced male sex toy I was very impressed with how well the Love Glove performs and use it very regularly.

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