efeXgirl Interview

efeXgirl Interview
Hanging out with up and coming Spanish alt model efe.
Website: efexgirl.wix.com/efexgirl
AltPorn4U efe
Xplastic: efe
Cam4: DollHentai
Facebook: efeXgirl
Tumblr: xefex
Twitter: @efexgirl

Altgasm: What should I call you? EfeXgirl? efe?
efe: efe, efe only efe.

Altgasm: Where are you from?
efe: Spain.

Altgasm: How old are you?
efe: 27 years old!

Altgasm: What ink do you have and what does it mean, if anything?
efe: I have a black widow spider on my back, right side, is an animal with which I identy. A voodoo doll in my left rear, I had this done when I had a very difficult situation in my life. On my stomach I have a star. Also I have a cat with a moon, I love cats :) I have two cat tattoos on my body, in a cake in my left hip, this was a gift from a friend, when I was learning to tattoo and leg :) I have a cat and mouse, also a swallow with a ribbon that says “drug-free” means my lifestyle, no alcohol, drug free! And on my chest I have two blue diamonds I mean one and the other my little daughter.

Altgasm: Do you plan on getting any more?
efe: Of course, I have 3 planned: A phrase that says “live and let me live” under the breast, classic tattoo roses with an antique clock, and I want a tattooed thigh :)

Altgasm: What piercings do you have?
efe: 2, A Monroe piercing and my tongue.

Altgasm: Do you have any turn ons? Turn offs?
efe: (:D) Hentai movies, i like to listen to other couples having sex, altporn movies and spanking lolll

Altgasm: Guys or girls… or both?!
efe: Both

Altgasm: Do you like scary movies? What’s your favourite scary movie(s)?
efe: Halloween is the best scary movie to me. It’s so great that it made me really sick lol nothing usually disgusts me, but the sounds produced in one scene made ​​my stomach flip over completely in the toilet. Also The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Hostal!

Altgasm: If you were stranded on a desert island and could take 1 CD, 1 DVD and one luxury item, what would they be?
efe: 1 CD WITH CLASSIC ROCK, 1 DVD RESIDENT EVIL GAME, and luxury item…. tablet with satellite internet 😛

Altgasm: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you reach the pearly gates?
efe: I would listen, hey efe! I have Coke, a huge TV, an Xbox 360 and many games.

Altgasm: What do you spend your time doing when not modelling? Do you have any other projects in the works?
efe: I am into astrology, a European website, I am a graphic designer and photographer. Usually take my photos, editing and publishing. I program websites, Lover of video games and zombies. I am geek girl and sometimes I do webcam shows.

Altgasm: Who do you look up to and who inspires you?
efe: : I admire companies and workers who are making their efforts to make the best technology in holograms for now and the future! I also admire, programmers and game developers for mobile and pc. And inspires me, cosplay, anime, manga and hentai dolls.

Altgasm: Any final words?
efe: Hot women, cold blood Lol :) I expect you to look for me in my social networks and are all part of my life, and my high expectations! and sorry, I’m from Spain, my English is very bad! :)

A big kiss