Fetish Fantasy Spread ‘Em Bar and Cuff Set Review

Fetish Fantasy Spread 'Em Bar and Cuff Set ReviewThe Spread ‘Em Bar and Cuff Set from Fetish Fantasy is aimed at couples just getting into the use of spreader bars in bondage. It includes everything in one easy to use kit – Spreader bars for arms and legs, along with the necessary wrist and ankle cuffs and a few added extras like a collar and blindfold.

Everything is detachable from each other, so the wrist and ankle cuffs can be used independently of the bars if that takes your fancy.

The kit comprises of a 24″ spreader bar, a 12″ spreader bar, neoprene ankle and wrist cuffs with velcro straps, and two items which aren’t advertised as being included but are in the package, a collar and blindfold.

Everything comes packaged in a 25″ long black nylon carry case which is perfect for storage and has a small padlock, not something that would really protect it from getting opened by a determined intruder, but enough to deter potentially prying eyes.

The long bar is made from a lightweight, but sturdy metal, and features 1″ rings at each end to attach the cuffs to. This has a second set of rings positioned about 8″ in from each end.

The short bar is different from the long bar, only in that rather than a second set of rings it has a single one in the center to which an adjustable nylon strap is attached to. This cannot be detached from the bar, short of cutting it off.

The cuffs are made of neoprene and have velcro closures. Attached to the cuffs are lobster hooks which can be used to attach the cuffs to the bars. The wrist cuffs are 2″ wide and 10″ long with velcro covering just over 7″ of the length. The ankle cuffs are the same width, but 12″ long with velcro covering just over 8″ of their length. The velcro provides a strong means of closure provided you push it together firmly.

The collar is also made of neoprene and is 17″ long with velcro covering 14″ of that. Attached is a D ring which can be used to fasten a leash (not included) to, or anything else with a hook, such as the cuffs.

The neoprene used in the construction of the cuffs and collar is very comfortable on the skin and the velcro is positioned so that it doesn’t rub against you (unlike some velcro closure cuffs!).

The blindfold is nothing to write home about. It’s a simple plain black blindfold that’s pretty uncomfortable to wear, but does the job of blocking light out.

Everything is very easy to clean. Simply wiping down the bars and cuffs with a damp cloth works well. If the cuffs do happen to get really dirty they can be soaked in warm soapy water then left to air dry.

During use the cuffs and bars stand up to some mild abuse. I would not recommend this set to more experienced bondage practitioner as it’s very basic and, although it is relatively sturdy and well made, it probably won’t last for very long under extremely harsh conditions.

The Spread ‘Em Bar and Cuff Set ticks all the boxes you want when it comes to beginner bondage kits. Everything you need is included in the package and I really like the fact it comes with a carry bag for storage.

Available from: AdultShopping.com ($73.29)