Heather Kitten Interview

Heather Kitten Interview
We recently got the opportunity to interview the beautiful Heather Kitten to kick off our amateur alt model interview series.

She enjoys gore films, metal, dubstep and getting inked.

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Twitter: @miss_shadows93

Altgasm: Where are you from?
HK: I am from Telford πŸ˜›

Altgasm: How old are you?
HK: 19 years young!

Altgasm: What are your measurements?
HK: I don’t know my measurements, I am a size 8 with size 32A boobs :(!

Altgasm: Guys or girls… or both?!
HK: Guys! But I wouldn’t mind trying out a girl πŸ˜›

Altgasm: What ink do you have and what does it mean, if anything?
HK: I’ve got 11 tattoos in total, I have: Angel wings on my back (protection), “Love” and “hope” on my wrists but “love” is covered up with my skulls (family), roses and pocket watch half sleeve, Skull and roses on thigh (left), Candy skull woman on my arm (me), Tattoo gun on my bicep (left) because I’m a tattoo apprentice, I’ve got two swallows on my stomach, “Grandad” on my right foot (memorial tattoo), Heart, two roses and four doves on my chest (family) (nan, grandad, two sisters, my nan and grandad raised me).

Altgasm: Do you plan on getting any more?
HK: Oh hell yes! Two feathers behind my ear and my sleeve finished off.

Altgasm: What piercings do you have?
HK: I’ve got 9 piercings πŸ˜€ Bottom of belly button, Both nipples, Bottom lip (left), Nose (right), Both ears twice (bottom ones stretched to 10mm).

Altgasm: Do you like scary movies? What’s your favourite scary movie?
HK: I don’t really like scary movies, I’m more of a gory kind of girl, I LOVE saw!

Altgasm: What’s your favourite music?
HK: All sorts, metal and dubstep. Fav bands A day to remember and Avenged Sevenfold!! <3

Altgasm: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
HK: I LOVE drawing!, hanging out with mate when I’m not in the tattoo shop, and sitting on my lazy ass doing sweet FA! πŸ˜›

Altgasm: If you could invite 5 people to take to a dinner party, who would they be and why?
HK: Five people? Hmm tough choice, I’d take the following five because they’re all sexy! M shadows, Channing Tatum, Travis Barker, Kat Von D Anddddd Chester Beddingfield.

Altgasm: What are your goals and ambitions in life?
HK: Main goal is to get my license and eventually open up my own tattoo studio!! And maybe get some modelling done ;D

Altgasm: What’s the most important thing our readers should know about you?
HK: Most important thing…hmmm I’m genuine (not a bitch)!

Altgasm: Any final words?
HK: Yeah, Thankyou for asking me to do an interview :) you guys rock!