Interview w/ Foxy of Black Sheep Latex

Black Sheep Latex (Foxy) Interview
Foxy La Flash, of Black Sheep Latex talks about how she got into designing latex, her creative process and why our hospital nurses should be sporting latex uniforms.
Facebook: BlackSheepLatex
Twitter: @blacksheeplatex

Altgasm: Who am I speaking to, or should I just call you Black Sheep Latex?

BSL: You can call me Foxy, I do some photography in my spare time under the name of Foxy La Flash!

Altgasm: Where are you based?

BSL: We’re in a little village out in the wilds of Lincolnshire, it suits me fine, I’m not a big city kinda girl.

Altgasm: Describe the attraction of rubber/latex for any readers who may not understand.

BSL: It’s definitely something you have to try yourself, latex can make someone feel incredibly sexy, it’s tight, it’s shiny, it’s flattering on any shape or size when it’s fitted right, and you get to have someone polish you up, whats not to like?

Altgasm: How was Black Sheep Latex started? Was it an overnight thing, or had you been designing previously?

BSL: I’ve been a latex wearer myself for a few years now and originally thought I’d buy a couple of colours to make something for myself, I’ve sewn clothes before but this took a completely different mind set, and I loved it! I designed a few things for friends and it grew pretty quickly from there, it’s very addictive 😉

Altgasm: Your product range is very creative. How do you come up with ideas? What’s your design process?

BSL: Thank you! I have to be in the mood for designing, mostly ideas just pop into my head throughout the day, some good some bad. If they seem promising I’ll start with a sketch to refine them before drafting a pattern and putting together a sample. Half the fun is trying out (and trying on) new outfits!

Altgasm: What’s your favourite piece you’ve created or designed?

BSL: That’s a tricky one, the zebra striped dress was one of my first and I’m a big fan of latex dresses in general, but the leopard print bra and high waisted pants has been really popular and that’s always had a place in my heart. I must subconsciously have a thing for animal print!

Altgasm: If you could dress anybody, who would it be and what would you design?

BSL: That’s a tough one, there’s so many people I’d love to get my latex on, but I think my favourite would be Helena Bonham Carter. I’ve always loved her weird style and how she dresses – sometimes very unconventionally – on the red carpet and I’d love to put her in something dramatic, over the top and curvy, lots of feathers and lace!

Altgasm: I read recently that you’re creating a latex nurse’s outfit. Personally, I would love to see our NHS nurses in latex. How would you sell the government on this idea?

BSL: Haha me too! Well latex is the perfect material for nurses uniforms obviously… it’s wipe clean, water (and vomit) proof, and it would certainly make hospital visits a lot more fun ;p

Altgasm: David Cameron invites you round to Number 10 for a dinner party. What do you wear? Who is your +1 guest? What do you bring as a gift?

BSL: Think I’d have to politely decline his invitation on the grounds that no one would want to come with me, plus you can’t give ‘common sense’ as a present unfortunately…

Altgasm: What are your plans for the future? Anything big the horizon to be aware of?

BSL: I’ve got some very exciting collaborations coming up which I’m working on pieces for now, and I plan on getting my work out onto the catwalk again, a fashion show with a great theme and concept would make me one happy designer!

Altgasm: Any final words to our readers?

BSL: To quote the great John Lennon – ‘It’s weird not to be weird’. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 😉

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