Interview With Tori Sloan

Tori Sloan Interview ThumbnailHere’s another interview we pulled out of the vault that never got published last year. Fortunately for us Tori Sloan is a beauty that never fades.

Altgasm: Let’s quickly get the basics out the way first. Where are you from? How old are you? What’s your measurements?

Tori: I’m 21 born and raised in Ontario Canada. My measurements are 32-27-38.

Altgasm: Any other essential bit of info people need to know about you?

Tori: I’m a metal loving stoner chick who loves tattoos, beards, live for breakfast foods no matter what time of day it is. Dinner?…. Pancakes, eggs and sausages lol.

Altgasm: I’ve heard from a few other ‘non-caucasian’ models that they’ve experienced prejudice, both on cam and in getting bookings for shoots. I personally find this hard to believe, but is this something you’ve experienced?

Tori: I personally also find this hard to believe. Unless you’re not a size 1-4 then ya maybe or you don’t happen to be a blonde and petite ya sure. I’ve had friends who have more meat on their bones and pink, purple, rainbow hair and sometimes it’s hard to get paid for shoots or to be noticed. I find it a lot harder for myself being an alternative black model. The tattoos and piercings, it kind of stops me from being able to get booked for “”normal”” shoots because my look is exotic but at the same time alternative and edgy.

Honestly though I’ve been dealing with it since I was 17 and started modelling on my own and you kind of get to a point where you’re just like well fuck you then if you don’t want to work with me that’s your loss. My whole mind set going into modelling was I wanted to cause a ruckus and disturb the universe. Just because one person doesn’t like my look doesn’t mean there won’t be others who do. It’s really up to you as a model to take matters into your own hands and get your name out there and not give up. You’ve got to have a creative bone in your body to make it in any industry otherwise you become a nobody because you’re just like jane doe over there.

I’ve had plenty of moments where I was like screw it I’m tired. But where the hell does that get you?

Altgasm: I absolutely love your ink. Does it have any meaning? Are you planning on any more?

Tori: “Thank you! Pretty much all of my tattoos have meanings behind them, and that’s why I’m so picky about what I get put on my body. I hate people who just get one for the hell of it and then two months later are going through getting them lasered off!

I won’t talk about all of them, The biggest tattoo on my right thigh is because I’m a pessimist, it’s a broken pocket watch the says tomorrow seems so hopeless (oh that’s so morbid… Whatever lol).

I have a coffin surrounded by beds of roses that says “fresh to death” the art was inspired by one of my friends and it’s on my stomach as my don’t get fat tattoo lol.

I definitely plan on getting more. My body feels so naked it needs to be covered in more :p now it’s just a matter of funds. Wanna help Tori’s Tattoo find?!

Altgasm: As a camgirl, what’s the most unusual request you’ve ever had? Did you go through with it? Was it enjoyable?

Tori: Uhm… Oh god. My room and I were talking and got onto religion and I stopped it. I’m not religious and I will not talk politics (also don’t care) or religion in my room. I think at one point I was like pfft fuck Jesus next topic.

So this guy messages me saying: hey so since you don’t like religion can you masturbate on cam either with a dildo or a crucifix while cursing god and Jesus and choking yourself .,, blah blah long story short, you should have seen the look on my face then of course I burst out laughing and blocked the guy. All the guys in my room were weirded out but couldn’t help but laugh because I was.

And ya I think that was the weirdest moment on cam ever lol.

Altgasm: You’re a model for God’s Girls, have you, or would you consider, modelling for other sites?

Tori: I used to work for company called broken dolls? Dangerous dolls? Something like that haha. That was when I just turned 18 and was able to be my exhibitionist self.

I’ve considered doing suicide girls even submitted and everything but I don’t agree with their terms. I like to be able to work with whom ever I want to, I don’t like locked contracts. I wanted to be able to branch out as far across the Internet as I could at that time.

Altgasm: What’s your favorite books, music, movies?

Tori: Books: anything by Christopher Moore, everything Harry potter, fiction, and I read a lot of design books.

Favourite music: I have a wide range of taste everything except country. But my main love is metal! Motorhead, black sabbath, Marilyn Manson, rammstein, combichrist, system of a down etc.

I’m a go go dancer though so I also like anything with a good beat as long as the lyrics aren’t complete crap lol.

Movies: Harry potter (duh), devils rejects, house of 1000 corpses, pulp fiction, across the universe, girl interrupted, horrible bosses, crazy stupid love, but I’m a cheerleader, the usual suspects, death proof.., anything zombies anything horror or gore pretty much sums it up.

Altgasm: What’s your biggest turn on? Is there anything that particularly turns you off?

Tori: Biggest turn on: muscles, beards (tidy ones not monstrous ones), tattoos all over your sexy muscular body lol, a sense of humour, being able to accept my morbid vulgar sense of humour, sense if style, confidence, you like UFC, you’re kinky.

Turn offs: cockiness, mouth breathers, open mouth chewers, you don’t like UFC, liars, you’re vanilla in bed.

Altgasm: When you’re not on cam, what do you spend your time doing?

Tori: Being a sloth! I love to sleep. You say party, I say nap time lol.

I also go to the gym a lot , I love lifting weights, pole dancing, video games, Drinks with friends, avoiding the snow in the winter and that’s pretty much about it.

Altgasm: Do you have anybody that you look up to or who inspires you?

Tori: I absolutely love Jillian Micheals! She’s such a little bad ass! I’ve used her tapes for workouts and I’ve seen her on tv she’s determined and inspiring and she’ll fucking rip your face off. Her and I would be best friends lol.

I also love Ronda rousey for the same reasons. They both motivate me to stay in shape and not to give up on the things I have planned for myself. Especially in my industry my body is my money maker I need to be In shape and feel good about myself otherwise you’re going to get no where in life. Everyone needs someone like that to look up to.

Altgasm: Tell our readers something about yourself that may surprise them…

Tori: My boobs and my butt are real! Lol I don’t know, I’m pretty blunt and up front so I’m pretty sure once you watch me on cam for a while nothing will surprise you anymore lol.

Altgasm: What’s been the high point so far in your life?

Tori: Right now I would have to say getting a website up and going. That’s just crazy to me. I didn’t know that I would end up loving camming so much that it became my full time job and I’d be getting to that point. Now I’m excited to see how much further I can go with it .

Altgasm: How would you get an elephant into a refrigerator?

Tori: I chopped him up into tiny pieces… Not like I have magical powers and could shrink it with my mind.

Altgasm: Any final words for our readers?

Tori: If you like dorky stoner chicks with tattoos, nice tits and fabulous ass then why the fuck aren’t you a regular in my chat room?! Lol.

One thing for me as a cam girl which I’m sure others can relate to is come talk to me on cam. I’m not the big bad wolf of a stuck up model. Keep it casual man! I talk to everyone and I love people who come to chat and keep the room alive. Those people are my main loves and the ones I love to treat to free prizes.

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