Interview With Zia Fawn-Parker

Zia Fawn Parker Altgasm Fan Sign!Today I got the chance to chat with Zia Fawn-Parker about everything, from the challenges and rewards of setting up her own members website, to an MMF gone wrong, and even a fan emptying his bowels all over webcam. Buckle up. This really is some fun stuff.

Altgasm: Hi Zia, how’s it going?

Zia: It’s going well, aside from having my heart ripped out thanks to Game of Thrones.

Altgasm: The boring stuff, but that everybody secretly needs to know… where are you from? How old are you? What’s your measurements? Etc…?

Zia: I’m 25-years old and from Central Florida. My current measurements are: Bust: 40″, Waist: 34″, Hips: 42″.

Altgasm: What ink and piercings do you have and do they have any significant meaning to you?


  • I have the album art for Cursive’s “The Ugly Organ” tattooed on my ribs with “It’s a good life if you don’t weaken” written under it. It was my first tattoo, and my parents got it for me as a Christmas gift; we all got tattoos that night. I’ve been lucky to have a family who’s all for self-expression.
  • I also have “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt” on my left forearm as nod to Kurt Vonnegut and also mewithoutYou.
  • “Breathe” on the back of neck which was a matching one I got with my mother.
  • An ampersand on my left hip that was done in a dorm room several years ago alongside an exboyfriend.
  • A diamond-grenade that a friend designed; three of us got the same one, but I got mine on my right hip.
  • A jellyfish on my right thigh that says, “I’ve seen more spine in jellyfish” as a nod to Brand New, who I honestly have to say would be my favorite band of all time.
  • Two little diamonds on either shoulder that I received when I was 19 and incredibly intoxicated.
  • I didn’t learn my lesson, and at 21, I was also incredibly intoxicated with a girl I had known since 3rd grade and we both decided to go get “MAYHEM” tattooed on pubic bone. Joke’s on her, she recently had twins. (They’re beautiful.)


  • My dimples
  • My right lip (I tried snake bites and spider bites but they just wouldn’t heal correctly)
  • My tongue
  • My ears; after suffering an allergic reaction to a set of glow-in-the-dark plugs, I had to take them out and let them heal. However, I am anxious to start stretching again!

I would love to get my nipples done again, and possibly my septum.

Altgasm: I literally just found your website, What inspired you to set up your own site, rather than go one of the other available routes?

Zia: ZiasToybox is just my Twtitter handle; However, on my website,, I call it The Toybox. I’ve had profiles on several third-party websites (I still do, honestly) but on my own website, I have more control over all of the information behind the scenes such as how many people view, sign up for a membership, etc. A membership site is something I didn’t think possible for myself so once I created it, I was pretty stoked. It’s still in the early stages but I have big plans that should be unfolding here in the next couple of months!

Altgasm: What challenges have you had to face by ‘going it alone’? Do you value the experience?

Zia: The biggest challenge I’ve had is marketing. Even with 2 years under a marketing internship with an unrelated property management company, it’s a vastly different experience with adult entertainment. It’s constantly changing and sometimes it’s hard to keep up and easy to feel discouraged. But I absolutely value it because when I do see a payoff, I’m excited because I know I worked for it, it wasn’t just given to me. I like to work for what I receive; always have and always will.

Altgasm: You call your website your “toy box”, so I have to ask what’s your favorite toy in your box?

Zia: Absolutely, hands down, the Heart of Glass piece. I’ve always called it the Sailor Scepter because it reminded me of Sailor Moon. Glass pieces always intimidated me, but after using it I don’t think I’ll ever love anything else. It’s a lot smoother and can incorporate temperature play, which is always exciting.

Altgasm: From what I’ve seen, and this may just be my ignorance, all of your material is solo. Have you ever, or do you see in the future, doing any G/G, B/G, whatever…?

Zia: I did have some previous material that included partners, but I had removed it because they just were not quality. It was very spur of the moment, and I wasn’t pleased with the quality. That being said, I would absolutely do G/G without question. I think women are beautiful, and love celebrating that! As far as B/G I’d do it again, but I’m pretty picky when it comes to men. It’s a different experience all together.

Altgasm: What’s the most strange fan request you’ve ever fulfilled? Did you enjoy it as much as I assume the viewer did?

Zia: Oh god… I’ve had so many interesting experiences. As far as live-camming goes, I had a man ask me to watch him stick a banana in his ass. That was all I had to do. So I was like okay, sure. Why not? As we went private, there he wassplayed out with his cheeks pulled as far apart as possible. And I was confused as to when the banana was coming in because there wasn’t one at all that I could see. After about 30 seconds, I swear to god, he rocket-launched actual shit towards the cam, like they were ping-pong balls and the look on my face went from casual intrigue to absolute horror in about 2 seconds. All he did was type, “that wasn’t a banana.” And left the session. I sat there completely dumbfounded for about a minute and decided to take a break and get a drink and immediately called my mother to tell her the story.

Altgasm: Hard and fast or gentle and slow?

Zia: 99% of the time I’ll say hard and fast, definitely. Gentle and slow makes me feel like I should be in a Nicholas Sparks movie with Channing Tatum or something. I much prefer envisioning myself with Tommy Pistol. Is he single?

Altgasm: Pink or brown?

Zia: Pink.

Altgasm: Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever had sex, or a sexual experience?

Zia: I haven’t had sex in any strange places necessarily but the strangest sexual experience would be one of the MMF threesomes I had. It was something we’d all talked about several times and it was always a passing conversation type of thing. Then one night we had all been drinking and decided, why not? About 2 weeks prior to this, my partner and I had a MMF threesome that was rather successful, and a wonderful time. This one did not go as smoothly. It felt very robotic and the third participant definitely had a bad case of whiskey dick. He spent about 2 hours jackhammering the back of my throat before we all called it quits. It was just so bizarre and weird, the atmosphere was all wrong. It was a shame, I’d really been looking forward to that. We’ve all gone our different ways and I have made absolute sure to avoid him at ANY and ALL costs.

Altgasm: What’s your ultimate fantasy? Would you ever release/broadcast it?

Zia: I honestly have always wanted to be tied to a bed for about 12 hours and just kind of used whenever/however. Blindfolded, gagged, bringing in friends, the whole nine yards. I would absolutely release it or broadcast it. I’ve openly discussed it several times and have just been waiting for the right person that could handle that type of responsibility. (Look no further! Ed)

Altgasm: When you’re not working, what do you spend your time doing?

Zia: When I’m not working, I’m trying to find little Pinterest crafts to keep my mind busy or I’m binge-watching shows on Netflix and blowing up my Twitter feed for no reason.

Altgasm: Who is your biggest influence or role model in your life?

Zia: I’m going to honestly say my mother. For a LONG time, I was very afraid of my family finding out what I do. After drunkenly telling my younger sister, I finally had the courage to tell my Mom. Growing up she’d always told me she never wanted me in a strip club or in porn so when I told her about camming, I was incredibly surprised at how easily she handled the news and even more shocked at how she dove right in to wanting to know how everything works, what she can do to help, etc.

She’s a strong woman and while she’s made more mistakes than I can keep track of, she’s never given up and she raised my sister and I to believe that we can actually do whatever we want to in life as long as we want it bad enough. Mommabear always says, fucking own it, baby.”

Altgasm: Is there anything about you that might surprise our readers to know?

Zia: I mean, I’m really super open about my life in just about every aspect. Honestly the thing that surprises people the most is my age. I’ll be 26 in August and I’m constantly being told how young I look. Thank god for genetics. It’s why I call my website The Toybox. It’s a play on the fact that I look young, and that’s always a big crowd favorite.

Altgasm: For you, is this nature of work a means to an end, or is it something you do purely for pleasure and intend to continue with?

Zia: It started out as a means to an end but over time it’s honestly helped me out of serious depression from time to time, and it’s made me feel way more confident. I thoroughly enjoy it (most days) and I intend to keep up with it for as long as everybody wants me around.

Altgasm: What’s your favorite weather and why?

Zia: COLD. My god, being in Florida 11 out of 12 months a year is a nightmare. It’s always so muggy and humid, the mosquitoes can’t get enough of it and I live in a swampy area anyway so it’s even worse. We have two seasonshot, and not-so hot. I’m thankful for the few cold days we get.

Altgasm: You’ve been invited to dinner with the president of the United States and can take 3 guests with you. Who are they and why?

Zia: Oh god, okay. I would take Rebel Wilson because I feel like we’d be best friends, my incredibly Republican grandmother because she talks a lot of shit but I’m interested in watching that experience go down in person, and my sister, because I love her to death and I would take her pretty much anywhere I could if I had the chance. Love that kid.

Altgasm: Is there anything else our readers should know about you?

Zia: I come off as an opinionated, foul-mouthed bitch and while that may be true, majority of the time I’m a damn peach to be around. I’m super sweet and I’m always doing whatever I can to help those around me who need it. I just also don’t let people walk all over me anymore, and if I have something to say, I’m going to say it regardless of whether not it may offend some people.

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