Naughty Tweet Launch “Dick Burns’ 3rd Degree”

Porn Star Tattoo QuizThe well known Naughty Tweet Network has announced its launch of Dick Burns’ 3rd Degree, a site offering quizzes to its visitors to test their knowledge of the adult entertainment industry, sex toys, porn stars, and a number of other kinky subjects. As expected from a network that deals primarily in social media, the site is heavily integrated with social media and its network of social sites.

Usually something like this would be only a little blip on my radar, having a few minutes of fun then passing on to the next novelty site in one of the tens of tabs open in my browser.

But…there’s a pretty cool quiz that I though worthy of a mention – the Porn Star Tattoo Quiz.

What you are actually paying attention to while punching one out – the tats or the tits? Can you figure out which tattoo belongs to which porn star?

Go ahead and take it online now. It only takes a couple of minutes and really is quite fun.

Be sure to post your score in the comments here so we can all compare!

P.S. My score was 9/10.