Pirates Pendant Vibe by Digital Playground Reviewed

Pirates Pendant Vibrator by Digital Playground

Pirates Pendant Vibrator by Digital Playground

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of bullet vibrators and after reading some of the mixed reviews of the Pirates Pendant Vibe I wasn’t too eager to try it out. But when I got around to it, boy did I wish I’d played with it earlier!

It’s another one of the toys in Digital Playground’s Pirates range and it packs some serious power in such a small package.

It’s made of a glossy, silver colored plastic which is non-porous, food-grade, latex free, hypoallergenic and phthalates free, so it’s all-in-all about as safe a plastic as you’re going to get in a sex toy!

While the plastic may be smooth, the surface of this toy is far from it. Around the entire toy are raised designs skulls and jewels and various other pirate related icons which, while looking pretty, don’t really add too much to the sensation during use.

It’s shaped in a sort of bullet with an hourglass shape to it. The pointed tip is ideal for directing stimulation right where you want it. The bullet 2.5″ long, of which 2.5″ is insertable and has a diameter of 1″.

The base of the bullet screws off to reveal the compartment for 3 x watch batteries, which are included in the packaging. Once screwed back on, the push-button at the base clicks in 6 times to cycle through the 5 different settings, which are:

  1. Low
  2. High
  3. Low Pulsing
  4. High Pulsing
  5. Escalating Pulses
  6. Off

Some reviews I’ve read of this vibrator claim that even on the highest setting the vibrations are not very strong. Well, I would have to strongly disagree with that claim, for me the vibrations felt very strong, in fact I could stimulate my clitoris through my denim jeans! One thing I would like to mention though, which is why others may have had an issue with the Pirates Pendant Vibe, is that it does use battery power very quickly which can cause it to lose it’s power after only a few uses.

Initially I found the vibe to be pretty loud, although I later realized this was due to the vibrations causing the chain to rattle. It’s much quieter after removing the chain, which is as easy as unhooking it and pulling it through.

Being made of the safe plastic it is means this vibrator can be used with any type of lubricant and because it’s also splash-proof it’s very easy to clean using nothing more than warm soapy water.

This Pirates Vibe comes in a clear plastic box with Pirates themed designs in the background and the vibrator suspended inside the box by it’s chain. On the back of the packaging is a description of the vibrator inside and below that a picture of the DVDs, Pirates and Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge.

Overall, and to my surprise, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using the Pirates Pendant Vibe. It’s very powerful for it’s size, looks pretty and is very affordable.

Available from: AdultShopping.com