Punk Schoolgirl Juliette Black Fucks Her Teacher

I wish when I was 18 and in highschool there were hot punk girls like Juliette, sadly I had to deal with bitches who’d want nothing to do with me. Anyways, it looks like now, 18 year old Juliette Black is at school and she’s caught up in some hardcore action. The way these stories usually go is that the teacher catches the naughty schoolgirl up to mischief and in order to get away with her crime without punishment, she sucks and fucks her teacher to get off. However, this time it’s the other way around: Juliette has gone to her teacher’s office to see him about some work and when she walks in, she sees him there playing with toy soldiers, wearing an army hat! Now it’s her that has something on her teacher and you know how horny this girl is. She tells him to fuck her silly or she’ll tell everybody in school about his ‘recreational activities’.

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