Roxy Vandiver

As some of you may be aware, recently I’ve been getting seriously into slasher films – as a side, I’m starting up a new slasher movie review blog so watch out for it if you’re into slasher horror – and as I consume more and more, specifically slasher exploitation b-movies, I’ve come to a realization, nearly all the female actresses are adult models of some kind, whether that be glamour, alt porn, whatever. Well, I kind of knew this as a stereotype before, but it’s just become really obvious. Not that I’m complaining, as you’re about to find out.One film I watched a few days ago was Spirit Camp and our leading lady scream queen is the fucking hot Roxy Vandiver. There’s a brief topless scene in the movie so I thought I’d do my research on her, turns out she’s an alt supermodel and she’s done loads of stuff.Here’s a collection of my favorites that I’ve found so far. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her in some upcoming...

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