Stoya Fleshlight Review

If you’re a guy and you’re into sex toys, or even if you’re not either of those, then you’ve probably heard of the Fleshlight before. It’s the most popular male sex toy in the world, and with good reason too. It’s perfectly designed, completely safe and feels just like the real thing!

I’ve had one of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Units for a while now and I absolutely love it, so my expectations upon receiving the Stoya Fleshlight were pretty high. Put simply – They were met, and exceeded!

The casing of the Stoya Fleshlight is a pearl cylindrical plastic case that looks just like a flashlight. But unscrew the top and the secret is revealed, a soft pink pussy moulded from Stoya herself.

The pussy is made of a proprietary blend of medical-grade polymers that Fleshlight call “Superskin” which looks and feels just like the real thing.

At the other end of the Fleshlight is another screwcap which can be loosened or tightened to adjust the amount of suction that the Fleshlight will have.

The inner sleeve of the Fleshlight is a new texture called Destroya, designed specifically for Stoya’s, which has been a hit for most guys who’ve tried it.


The Fleshlight, despite how easy they make it look in the video, is a difficult toy to clean. You’re supposed to be able to just take it apart and run a little water through it and be done. That is the case with the case, however the inner sleeve requires a lot of warm water to be run through it before it’s clean. I usually use a little alcohol just to make sure. Just leave it to dry and dust it with a little corn starch then store it away.

With Stoya being one of my favorite alt porn stars, I thought it only fitting that for my first experience with her Fleshlight, I would put on one of her movies. The combination is awesome.

I did as the instructions suggest and soaked the Fleshlight sleeve in warm water for a few minutes to get it nice and warm, then used the included water-based lubricant to lube up the Fleshlight. Remember that you should only EVER use water-based lubricants with the fleshlight as oil or silicone lubes will degrade the material.

The Destroya sleeve of Stoya’s Fleshlight feels absolutely amazing, almost indescribable. The Fleshlight is big enough that it’s possible to insert your entire penis without hitting the end and Stoya’s pussy protrudes enough at the opening that the plastic rim doesn’t cut into your skin like on some cheaper masturbation sleeves.

Adjusting the screw cap on the end adjusts the amount of suction inside the Fleshlight. Fully closed providing a lot of suction, comparable to receiving a blowjob and fully open providing less suction more like actual sex.

The Fleshlight is fully closed off at the end so when you cum it doesn’t go shooting out of the other end all over whever happens to be there. Everything’s nice and clean and the Fleshlight just needs to be cleaned out.

As I said before, cleaning is a pain but the pleasure you get from a Fleshlight is well worth the effort.

If you’ve used male masturbation sleeves before and been disappointed with the results then look no further. If you’ve used a Fleshlight before and you want to try something a little different then the Stoya Fleshlight is just what you need.

While I received the Stoya’s Vagina Fleshlight with the Destroya inner texture, also available are Stoya’s Mouth with the Swallow inner texture, and Stoya’s Butt with Forbidden inner texture.

The full range of Stoya Fleshlights are available from the Fleshlight Online Store

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