Tenga Egg Masturbator Review

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Six of the most satisfying eggs you’ll ever buy.

Tenga is a male sex toy brand originating in Japan which has taken the sex toy world by storm with it’s range of male masturbators. Not since Fleshlight has a male sex toy brand had so much success. Because of this I was eager to try out one of their products and chose the 6 Pack of Tenga Eggs.

The Tenga Egg is a single use masturbator made of silky silicone which comes in 6 varieties, each one with a different texture pattern to give a different sensation. In the 6 pack you get one of each which means you get a chance to try out all of them!

Each Tenga Egg comes inside a plastic shell with little emblems depicting the texture of that particular egg. When you crack open the Tenga Egg’s shell inside is the silicone masturbator. A squishy egg with a hole at the bottom to insert your dick. It’s about 2″ high and 5″ around. It’s very stretchy to accommodate all sizes and is very elastic, returning to it’s original size and shape even after a good stretching.

Inside the hole at the bottom of the egg is a pouch with a single use sachet of lubricant which you pour into the egg and around the entry hole.

After slipping inside of the Tenga Egg, it’s very easy to get a good grip with one hand and the egg stretches with little effort and no signs of tears or breakage.

Each of the six different eggs feel slightly different when used. The difference isn’t that great but it is noticeable. My personal preference was the “Clicker” which features lots of little round bumps on the inside.

Different Tenga Egg Textures

Different Tenga Egg Textures

Each Tenga Egg in the 6 pack is intended to be single use so after ejaculating into the egg you just throw it away with no mess. Although they’re supposed to be single use, I found that if you clean them off properly each one will stand up to more than a few sessions.

If you choose not to throw them away after use they can be washed clean with warm soapy water then once it’s dry you can place it back inside it’s shell for future use. Remember when using it again you’ll need to have your own lube, this should be a water-based lube as silicone lubricant will just destroy the egg.

The Tenga Egg Masturbators were a welcome change to the masturbation sleeves I’m used to using. The only disappointing thing about the Tenga Eggs is that they’re only single use. I’d love for Tenga to come up with a long lasting egg of the same design but until then I’ll be continuing to buy these regularly.

Available from:

AdultShopping.com ($52.49)

Tenga.co.uk (£31.49)