Veruca James Naked On Driven By Boredom

I’ve been a regular reader of Driven By Boredom, the blog of photographer Nate “Igor” Smith, since I stumbled upon it, what seems like, many years ago. And it probably is that long.

What drew me to it at that time, and what still keeps me coming back, is not only his cleverly penned and interesting blog posts, but obviously his photography. He does a lot of different stuff, but one of his main subjects is beautiful, naked, and often alternative looking, women. And he can photograph them like no other I’ve seen.

Somehow, he manages to capture not only their lovely looks, but also their personalities, in his photos. A rare talent which I think has been lost amongst many ‘adult’ photographers over time …or maybe it was never there to begin with. Either way, he accomplishes it, with what seems like relative ease.

I thought I’d pick one of my favourites that he has posted recently, featuring the gorgeous Veruca James. Just take a look and you’ll see what I have been talking about – lovely body, lovely personality – both shining through in almost every shot.

If you enjoy this then go over to Driven By Boredom for more of the same. And, I expect I’ll end up posting some more of his stuff up here in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.